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Natural Therapy can have regenerative powers, improve mood and ease anxiety, stress and depression. It can also help treat a variety of medical conditions, from post-cancer fatigue to obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. One of the most antient forms of natural therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), has evolved into a comprehensive healthcare system that can successfully treat numerous health conditions in a safe manner. In TCM, a holistic treatment plan is based on a complex diagnosis, allowing the practitioner to address not only the symptoms, i.e. the branches, but also the cause, i.e. the root, of the health condition. That way ailments are eliminated most effectively.

WholeHealth Therapeutic Centre’s professional healthcare team strives to support patients on their healing journey through a combination of natural therapeutic techniques including Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, Orthopedic Massage, Facial Treatment, Moxibustion, Aromatherapy, Physiotherapy, Cupping, Diet and more. We also provide professional Pediatric massage for our youngest patients.

All of our practitioners are highly knowledgeable registered professionals with years of experience. We are proud to work in collaboration with other TCM institutions to provide the best treatment to our patients.


  • Harmony and Unity with Nature

Harmony and unity with nature are the fundamentals of our medical approach while the safety of our patients is our utmost priority. The focus of our philosophy is to do no harm, that is why all the treatments that we offer are completely safe.

  • Health Preservation

Create a supportive environment in our clinic not only for healing and recovery but just as much for long term disease prevention and health preservation. We believe in educating the public by delivering workshops on health-related topics to help the members of our community sustain their health for years to come.

  • Patient first

We are firmly committed to providing quality services in a caring and supportive environment.  We act with integrity, respect and a commitment to confidentiality.  We respect the well-being and dignity of each and every patient.

  • Quality Service

We work tirelessly to maximize our resources to treat patients efficiently and effectively.  We strive to exceed our patient’s expectations by continuously improving the quality of our services.

  • Teamwork


We foster a collaborative work environment which allows us to provide unmatched value to our patients.  We embrace the essential role of our practitioners to our patient’s wellbeing and empower them to provide the highest standard of service.  We value our staff as our most important resource and create a workplace that attracts and rewards caring and high performing individuals.

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