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Bill Wang, MD. Ph.D. Senior Pharmacist. 
Part-time Professor of Pharmacy School of Fudan University (former Shanghai Medical University), Shanghai, China. Instructor of Master Student
Member of Standing Council and Executive Director of International Clinical Evaluation Association of Chinese Medicine
Director of Wholehealth Therapeutic Centre, Canada
1986-1991 Bachler Degree, Department of Clinical Medicine, Shanxi Medical University, Shanxxi, China
1991-1993 Teacher, Changzhi Medical College, Shanxi, China
1993-1996   Master Degree, Shanxi Medical University, and Physician,Shangmao Hospital, Shanxi, China
1996-2001 Medical Doctor Degree, Shanghai Medical University
2001 -2003 Post-doctor, the Second Shanghai Medical University
2003-2012 Chief Patient Safety Officer and Executive Director of Shanghai Center for Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring
2014-2017 Albert Health Services, Red Deer Regional Hospital
2018-current Director of Wholehealth Therapeutic Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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