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The ancient practice of Qigong

Empirical evidence of the magnificent healing power of Qigong has been accumulated since ancient times.  Many books written by Qigong Grand Masters are accessible now.  Different types of Qigong may be practiced through a variety of schools. One can think of Qigong from different angles – healing practice comprising “meditative motion”, life style, life philosophy, etc.

I have been practicing Qigong intensively for the last three years. A personal health issue, by chance, brought me to this practice. I was successfully cured with the combination of western medicine, acupuncture, herbs, and Qigong. Looking back, I consider Qigong practice as one of the key donors to my long-lasting wellbeing and ability to accomplish intricate professional goals - with ease and joy, and without routinely feeling tired or seriously stressed. The passion to share my positive experience with other people has encouraged me to become a certified Qigong teacher.

Our health is our treasure. For those who are generally healthy, Qigong may further prevent diseases and give healthy longevity. For those who feel worn out, Qigong will provide recovery. For those who have a chronic condition, Qigong will open the way for gradual improvement. For those who were diagnosed with a serious disease - Qigong will help to overcome emotional suffering related to the diagnosis and give strength to combat the disease. Whatever group we consider ourselves as belonging to, Qigong will naturally and effortlessly allow our body/mind to find the way to self- restoration.

However, the effect of practising Qigong on our mind/body health is very individual. Some people may have noticeable improvements in a month, some people in a couple of month, and for some others it may take longer. The nature of Qigong healing process embodies the ancient principle: “treat a person, not a disease”. Indeed, Qigong is a great doctor who exploits a personalised approach in his practice.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, in his famous novella “The Little Prince” said that adult people like numbers. To convince the adult audience that the little prince did exist, he stated “I have serious reason to believe that the planet from which the little prince came is the asteroid known as B-612”. What about the numbers in the Qigong domain? It remains to accept, that at the stage of the 21st century science, we cannot explain the convoluted multidimensional phenomenon of Qi, just as we cannot solve the mystery of pain phenomenon. However, there are substantial amounts of published clinical data supporting the favourable effect of Qigong practice on patients with fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, arthritis, hypertension, type 2 diabetes. In accord, a growing amount of research is emerging with the aim to explore the effect of Qigong at the level of human physiology and neuroscience. Intriguing scientific data are arriving, which support the influence of Qigong on the immune system function. Widespread research is ongoing in the cancer field.  Thus, in spite of the currently elusive mechanism of action, the health benefits of Qigong practice are becoming widely accepted.

The purpose of every day Qigong practice is to cultivate Qi – and, through this, to allow our mind/body to operate more efficiently in a natural mode of self-healing. Purifying and gathering Qi are among the essentials of Qi cultivation.  Achieving a balanced combination of purification and gathering/strengthening – this is the key. Mere clearance of the body may require huge efforts from the organism, essentially weakening its healing abilities, and, thus causing a more serious disease. This would result in developing of a pathological vicious circle. Regular Qigong practice provides a natural balance of these two processes. Now, there is another important thing to keep in mind: Healing does not happen instantly, as we all would like to be the case.  “A cup of water splashed into a parched field will do it no good. It is only a slow and gentle rain that will saturate the soil and produce life”. (Goullart 1999).

Qigong practice is multidimensional. Internal purification and growing strength of the body will undoubtedly result in rewarding transformation of our thoughts and emotions… and vice versa. This positive feedback loop, this intelligent intercommunication between mind and body, is extremely powerful. Ones re-established, the free-flowing Qi will unceasingly invigorate our vitality and surprise us with the everyday joy of being

 Qigong has another intriguing feature – the ability to open the very essence of our nature, the true nature with which we were born – and it may offer us a chance to rediscover our child dreams, and love to wonder. It may help to shake off the skin of adult logic – and reopen, within ourselves, a diamond - the diamond that will light us up with a childhood immediacy, kindness, forgiveness, wonder about the world, novel life values, and reawaken in us the desire to create miracles for ourselves and for others.

 “A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses.”
― Hippocrates

Written by Tatiana Britvina

Certified Qigong Teacher, R. Acupuncturist, PhD, MSc

Class Program

Dynamic Qigong

Elements of Quiescent Qigong

Qigong state

TaiChi ruler

Qigong Circular Walking

Zuowang meditaion

Elements of self-massage and healing sounds

Seasonal Qigong - according to the season

Qigong concepts – general, as well as related to the particular exercises

Relevant TCM theory, notions of the 5 elements, and the basics of acupuncture channels

The instructor will explain the health benefits of each exercise and answer all participants' questions

Class Schedule

Wednesdays and Saturday 7pm-8:30pm

Start date: Wednesday July 3rd, 2019

Length of each session – 90 minutes

Maximum capacity – 10 people 

Drop-ins are welcome if space is available

Home practice is recommended for better results


Anyone 21 years of age and older is welcome to participate. The class is not recommended for pregnant woman, but we will be waiting for you in your postpartum period.


10$ per session

The instructor will be available at the clinic to answer questions and provide information on Thursday, June 27th and Saturday, June 29th between 12pm and 2pm.

Qiet the mind and the soul will speak
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