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DIY Personal Perfume 品香会


卡尔加里的冬天总是说来就来,一点也不在意我们对夏季美景的眷恋。 每当白雪皑皑之时,你可曾怀念娇艳的花朵,沁人的花香?远在卡尔加里的我们是否想念妈妈做的那碗菜,爸爸烧的那碗汤,那家的香味让我们多少次魂牵梦萦。香味带给了人类最纯真最久远的回忆,让我们在本月的健康讲座上,一边品味嗅闻记忆中的香气,一边畅聊心中对那份香气的美好回忆,最后带上你自制的专属香氛回家慢慢美。


October: DIY Personal Perfume

If you don’t like the strong smell of synthetic perfumes, making a signature scent from essential oils could be a great option for you. It’s a lot of fun once you understand the basics of making perfume. Besides, instead of wearing a fragrance that everyone else wears you can make your own unique blend. Your aromatic creations can turn into thoughtful gifts fit for any occasion.

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