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Whenever clients come to see me, they like to say:” Hi Joy, please open your little magic bottles.” That’s how they call my essential oils. As an aromatherapist, I use essential oils to treat people. Sometimes my clients ask me why they have such a wonderful feeling after the treatment. My answer is: because I use only the best essential oils. Every single oil that I use can be traced to its source, so I know where it comes from. Moreover, all the essential oils that I use on my clients meet CPTG standards.

I still remember the time I was diagnosed with cancer. I suffered from the severe side effects of my treatment and was prescribed medication to make my suffering more manageable. I did not want to continue having a terrible experience after every treatment. That’s when I started looking for alternatives. It turned out there was something I could use to help myself. I was amazed by the power of essential oils and started studying aromatherapy. Now, as a certified aromatherapist, I want to use this amazing gift of nature to help as many people as I can. I believe you will have a wonderful experience.

Joy Li

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