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Dr. Bairu Wang earned her Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor designation in 2012 upon graduation from the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. Her 6-year internship in a busy hospital gave her the opportunity to treat from 40 to 60 patients a day which tremendously contributed to her experience and skills. In Alberta she continued practicing her beloved career as an acupuncturist and teaching students at the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CITCM). Her mission is to help as many people as possible gain optimal health and to pass on her knowledge and expertise to TCM students and practitioners.

Dr. Bairu practices traditional Chinese style acupuncture which is mainly based on the  Meridian Theory and the Viscera Theory. In some cases, she also adopts Western anatomical theory in her treatment principles. She emphasizes finding the underlying causes of diseases rather than treating one painful region at a time, as would be done using Western anatomical theory. For example, a patient may often have neck and upper back pain. In that case, Dr. Bairu would not only needle each of the painful regions but also needle in the distal areas on the four limbs, following the Meridian Theory.  It is common that body pain originates from internal health problems, rather than a local problem. Chinese acupuncture will catch that, whereas Western medical needling will not.
Dr. Bairu can prescribe Chinese herbal formulas which are specifically tailored to the particular patient’s body. Typically, Chinese herbal formulas consist of between 4 to 15 ingredients.  This is in striking contrast to Western herbalism where the patient is prescribed one herb at a time. By combining ingredients, multiple symptoms can be treated at the same time and side effects can be avoided. If you are afraid of needles, in many cases you can still receive treatment because TCM does not necessarily involve Acupuncture.
Dr. Bairu treats both chronic and acute pain, in any part of the body, for various conditions, including:


• cervical spondylosis/ lumbar spondylosis
• myalgia/myofascitis
• rheumatoid arthritis.
• multiple sclerosis
• arthritical pain
• diabetic neuropathy
• parkinson’s disease
• plantar fasciitis
• sequela of shingles
• frozen shoulder/external humeral epicondylitis/carpal tunnel syndrome
In addition to treating pain, Dr. Bairu also treats a wide range of internal conditions including:


• post-partum depression
• pre-menstrual syndrome
• dysmenorrhea/menstruation disorder
• infertility
• hot flashed
• erectile dysfunction/premature ejection
• vertigo
• migraines/headache
• tinnitus
• vision problem
• stuffy nose/a sore throat
• stress /irritability/moodiness
• poor memory/poor concentration
• insomnia
• high blood pressure
• digestive disorder/constipation/ diarrhea.

Dr. Bairu Wang

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